As a Security outfit which is involved in the business of providing private/corporate guards services, security trainings, consultancy service, supply of security equipment and gadgets to organizations, individuals and corporate bodies.  The company is committed to the delivery of efficient response and cost effective security services using a modern technology.  We place high premium on security survey studies, teamwork, staff training and acquisition of modern equipment and devices aimed at providing a fully integrated security services.


Apart from these, the company is also involved in the following:

scope of operationsThe above notwithstanding, our company, has an intellectual private security net-work with diverse interest in intellectual security matters in seminars, workshops and in other various training centers nationwide.

  • The training is not strictly military, rather Para – military in line with the style of the Nigeria Security and Civil defense Organization and is designed not to conflict with the existing Armed forces Policy and other paramilitary forces, rather training conforms with the purpose of private guards decree. Every guard must pass the aptitude test thereafter training exercise begins which last for eight (8) weeks (2moths).
  • There is a refresher training exercise organized by Strikeview Security Services Limited, every month. This could be done abroad if need be, but all avenue at home must be fully explored.
  • Promotion of staff is based on performances, conduct and merit. The determination of promotion is the sole prerogative of the management. Our training program is provided to help employees acquire better skills and qualifications, which the higher job may demand.