Security serviceThe company is specialized in integrated security services in Industrial areas, Estates, Private office complex, farms, Banks, schools, ships, seaports, Hospitals, and in oil companies, (offshore and Onshore) security operations.

  1. Executive protection services
  2. Man Guarding & Digital Seucity Systems
  3. Access Control Gadgets
  4. Private Investigation
  5. Guards training services
  6. Dog training, dog hiring, breeding and dog sales services
  7. Employment, Training maintenance and supply of security personnel services
  8. Sales installation and hiring of safety equipment Safety / security consultancy services.

Also included in our services are: ‐

  • Manpower Development
  • Cash Transit Vehicle Conveyance
  • High End CCTV Survallance
  • Armed Responce Team

Equipment and Tools:

 Well trained uniformed guards

  1. Two Way Radios
  2. Land and mobile phones
  3. Highly trained dogs
  4. Tear gas
  5. Response team (police mobile patrol)

Technical Personnel /Management:

The collective personality of the company is largely anchored on varied experience of the Directors, Managers, and other officers who have been acquired from working with blue chip conglomerates, International professional organizations parastatal and security institution. In addition, we maintain retainer‐ship with some independent specialist security consultants. Our activities in related development have enabled us with capacity to undertake large, unusual and complex assignments even in difficult terrain in specialist areas like:‐ Risk Analysis, threat Assessments, Crime Prevention in Structural and Environmental Design.

Our Strategy:

In order to effectively carry out our operations, each guard work six days in a week. We operate in either two shifts of twelve hours each or three shifts of eight hours each.

  • 60am – 6.00pm (morning)
  • 60pm – 6.00am (night)


  • Am – 2:00pm (morning)
  • 02 pm – 10.00pm (afternoon) shift
  • 10pm – 6.00am (night)
  • 00am – 6.00pm (morning)
  • 00pm – 6.00am (night)


  • Am – 2:00pm (morning)
  • 00 pm – 10.00pm (afternoon) shift
  • 00pm – 6.00am (night)


Our objectives of rendering these services are to prevent unauthorized access and prevention of crime within the area covered, example, robbery, vandalisation of properties & equipment etc. maintenance of law and order and to protect individual lives and properties.

 Patrol Duties:

We place much emphasis on patrol so as to ascertain the degree of alertness of each beat and the vulnerability of the position of the operatives. We have patrol vehicles, motorcycles to effectively patrol the nooks and crannies of any location assigned to cover.