The important of security in any organizational can never be over emphasize. Since security is the police and fire Brigade of any company or corporate body, there is need for effective training and refresher courses for security operatives. This will enhance, the 3P’s of security i.e


However, this will keep the security operatives to have ablaze with the modern techniques in security industries. On the basics of this, we in Strikeview Security services Ltd. Veterans in Security Business have come up with Modern Training Programs for the security Guards, Supervisors and Coordinators. As part of our efficient consultant services, which includes Supply of Well‐Trained Physically Fit Guards and Supervisor to companies, engage our high profile Security guards “Investigative Training”.

Brief History

Strikeview security services ltd, is an indigenous and dynamic security company incorporated in Nigeria in 2003. We engage in security training, Safety equipment and security Management Consultancy with multinational Companies in the Niger‐Delta Axis. Reliably have bases in Port Harcourt Rivers State, Lagos State and Subsequently Abuja. In this regards we render Practical Security Analysis Presentation to our client on their Job sites if given an invitation to that effect.
The below details entails our Security Training Programs:
Our Security Service Training Functions

Week One Training Plans

1 Access Control (vehicles, Personnel and Visitors)
2 Security Functions and Principles
3 House and Gate security(Residential /Industrial Communication)
4 Duties of security Men During Strikes and Lockouts.
5 Recruitment and Selection of security Gauds Forces
6 First Aid Techniques, Alphabetical Lanque
7 Award of Certificate
8 Who is a Security Risk
9 Documentation of Lost Property Incident Methodology
10 Organizing Effective patrol (Foot and Radio Patrol)

Week Two Training Plans

1 Executive Protection
2 Fire Prevention And Supervision
3 Report Writing
4 Duties of security Men During Strike
5 Award Of Certificate

Supervision and Coordinators

Week One

1 Security Function and Principle, Physical Deferent, Electronic
2 Organizing Effective Patrol
3 Using Security Equipment and Handling Techniques
4 Access Control (Control of Personnel, Visitors and Vehicle)
5 Access Control (Control of Personnel, Visitors and Vehicle)
6 Executive Protection
7 Security Of Different Categories

Week Two

1 Terrorism in Security and of Different Category
2 Communication
3 Recruitment
4 First Aid
5 Award Of Certificate
6 Leadership And Leadership Styles

Week One

1 Good House Keeping and General Safety
2 Fire Safety
3 Permit and safety working System
4 Use Of Personal Protective Equipment
5 Road Safety
6 Water Safety

Week Two

1 Safety Working Techniques and Handling
2 Use of Materials/ Tools
3 Material Handling
4 Methods of Storage and Material Stocking
5 Inspection of Shackles, Slings and Cranes

Strikeview Security Services Ltd

  1.  Assist in setting up adequate and efficient security networks and provision of security gadget and accessories including well‐ trained snuffer dogs and Handlers.
  2. Carry out intensive security activities in offshore objects and ensure proper and effective co‐ordination, through a superb radio and telephone networks.
  3. Promote and implement company security policies, deal with safety infringement, enforce safety – at work and safeguard life and property.
  4. Provide training programs on handling of security weapons and exposures to state of the art security gadget.
  5. Involved in the provision of information and techniques with regards to planning for all hazard and developing an integrated emergency management system.
  6. Supply special guards who are well‐trained in martial art for use as Personal bodyguards and bouncers in hotels, private residence and industries.
  7. Create and emphasis’s the factor and importance of environmental awareness in all work areas, by organizing proper enlightenment as well as implanting incentives programs and security motivation techniques for personnel.
  8. Embark on security investigation and provide counter measure against theft, strikes, sabotage, and fire accidents etc.
  9. Offer and organize security training program and refresher courses for security personnel during project execution and on completion of such courses issue certification.
  10. Liaises with various Law enforcement agencies of the Federal republic of Nigeria in regulatory matters as may be required on security, safety and environmental control measures.
  11. Offer Tactical Security Consultancy Services
  12. Ensure that all security operatives involved in offshore operations are certified to be able to swim and are conversant with standard health, safety environment.