Our company Strikeview Security Services Limited is an indigenous and dedicated, Security Services company, with specialty areas in: Facility Security, Oil and Gas Security, Armod Escort and Protection.

Our Vision  is to become the most reliable world leading and dependable private security company within the globe. Our Mission as a foremost security company revolves around our best working practices in training and development of our experienced employees and at all times, striving to exceed customer expectations whilst adding genuine value to clients’ business.

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Special Services

Our services are available all year round for our clients, so as to provide the desired results.

Our Objective at Strikeview Security

Our objectives of rendering security services are to prevent unauthorized access and prevention of crime within the area covered, example, robbery, vandalisation of properties & equipment etc, maintenance of law and order and to protect individual lives and properties. THINK SECURITY … THINK STRIKEVIEW.

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We have been in operation for over 10 years.

The cost of our service vary. Please visit our contact page to contact us directly with your particular type of service required.

Send a direct email to info@strikeviewsecurity.com

Digital Access Control services.

Yes. We have opportunity for guards.

Our Strategy

In order to effectively carry out our operations, each guard work six days in a week. We operate in either two shifts of twelve hours each or three shifts of eight hours each.

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Transport Security
Oil and Gas Security
Construction Security

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